Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok, Uthenthawai Campus. Formerly known as “Uthenthawai Construction School” was established on 1 February 2477. It is the first construction school in Thailand.

In the year 2519 B.E., was raised by changing the name and affiliation to “College of Technology and Vocational Education, Uthenthawai Campus” under the Department of Educational Technology and Vocational Education Division, Ministry of Education.

In the year 2531 B.E., was granted auspicious name “Rajamangala Institute of Technology Uthenthawai Campus” offering teaching at the vocational certificate level and continuing undergraduate teaching. In the field of architecture and the field of construction management Civil Engineering Program.

In the year 2005 B.E., was upgraded to be Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok, Uthenthawai Campus. Having status as a juristic person and being a government organization under the law on budgetary under the Ministry of Education, with the president in charge as head of government, as well as the president of various departments. Committed to produce graduates, practitioners in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and architecture. In order to be personnel that will be an important force in the development of the nation in the future. There are 3 departments, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Institute for Innovative Construction and Materials Technology Uthenthawai and Office of Uthenthawai Campus.

Address          225 Phayathai Road, Wang Mai Sub-district, Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330

Telephone     0-2252-7029, 0-2252-2736-8 Fax. 0-2252-6150

Website         http://www.uthen.rmutto.ac.th

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/PRUthenthawai
Total area of approximately 21 rai